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In September 2011 Central Saint Martins was moved from Lethaby Building. The title of this installation is ‘Saudade’ (pronounced sow-da-jee), a word from my native Brazilian Portuguese language which has no direct translation in English but conveys the sense of loss of something very special, in this case the building that has been an important part of Central Saint Martins history and will no longer be used as a University site.  This is the final group to graduate from this site and the installation commemorates and pays homage to the great Ceramics faculty and each student of Ceramics that has graduated from here.  The cellular ceramic pieces in this installation, made from  porcelain, represent all students and faculty to participate in the Ceramics Course since 1920.

The cells symbolise both collectivity and individuality, being sufficiently similar to suggest the collective unity of all current and past students on the course, yet also structurally unique and therefore suggestive of the individuality of each student.  The cells representing the teachers have additional gold colouring to highlight their special and valued role in the course. Three colours have been used to refer to essential qualities in the artistic process:

Black, symbolising earth and personal grounding;
Red, symbolising passion and vitality;
White, symbolising mind and creativity.
White porcelain with gold paint to represent the teachers.

Porcelain, black and ruby red stain